Long Distance Relationship Trust was one of the key features to success right and trust now days and from long time ago is the basics of every trade,relation and contracts..

And to trust someone from far away overseas is really big deal right ? ok Businesses, companies, and governments and the whole world that you see now is working with trust but all is based a stamp, sign, contract or many another facts, but the things are different with Long Distance Relationship specially oversea, even though you say to me the normal relations as well we doesn’t make any contracts with our neighbors or friends but this is how the life is gone.

But specially in Era of virtual life things may goes more complicated specially with someone that you ever seens before or even know ! what do you think ?

Ok I used to be anonym I don’t want revile my self and the another side wanna know me but she don’t wanna revile her self as well !

so how the case is that can be easy ? its remind me by old cultures in Middle East where they are used to “send their sisters to see the girl and if she likes her they will tell him that the girl is good enough and beautifull so you can ask her hand if you want ..” hh funny right but this is not gonna work with long distance relationship even if its can work with you its cannot with me right because if something beautiful in your eyes maybe its not beautiful for me .. anyway

Why I told you about trust in here because in our relation we decided to accept each other even we doesn’t ever see or know each other much do you believe about this !

Ya really ! this is Backpackerlampung love story, see each other means we already have the feeling to be for each other without even sent no pictures yet, no voice calls yet, no video calls yet, just small chatting box.

In here I would say that we still know each other just for few weeks and even we chatting only we didn’t even sent like friend request in vk or b or something like that anymore.

I will continue this story later… Just keep reading about our love story in backpackerlampung