Isn’t Like in all kind of relations through the internet or real life anymore ! my first days was begin in VK chat box we are used to talking commonly about few minutes per day maybe half hour or less, and it was all first messages are about curiosity to know more about the other side.

we used to talk about her stories with her friend that was life in Palestine, I remembered that I hate to talk about that things but I was happy when she said she got tired and she wanna sleep hh maybe because she was talking much and I was spent most of my time surfing the net looking for interesting stuff in the net you know .. but we didn’t get habit fast about our time difference, we are so much far away Lampung Indonesia is 6 hours ahead of Tunisia so when she wakes up in the morning I already put my head on the pillow in order to sleep  ..

because she always complaining about the time hh

But we were never thinking that this is a problem or something unless it makes us like sacrifice to each other , huh what a sacrifice , ya well sacrifice in time mean to change your lifestyle, habits, and routines if you really wanted to succeed the relation.. in the upcoming article we will continue our story, in order to success the relation I will explain more about our true experience behind our Long Distance Relationship