In order for us to make our relationship successful, after the first few days we trying to know more about our hobbies our favorite things and in reality we are trying to find what kind of habits or acts or even small stories or let me say points of view that we are sharing some ideas about like beliefs, traditions, routines or even physical.

we where always asking many and many questions every time and the answer should be honest and at that time we are trying to move on from the small chatting box , because we already spent about two months or more in that box and we didn’t even saw each other even we didn’t send any pictures to each other anymore because what ? because we are used to be from some religion, ” Muslim ” .

It was difficult at the very first days to talk about this thing you know , but we are trying to know each other as much as we can until feeling peace of mind about another side and get even a small kind of trust yes this is it trust should begin from the chat box not after seeing each other so for this thing and without we are planned to , we begin our relation promises , I remember that every time we want to speak about things that make us approaching each other and trust each other more and more .

and in another side of the virtual appreciations is that to talk about all kind of stuff and personal things that we have in this virtual world and see if we are really really sharing some things or not and then we are really really proud that not all but most of our virtual life is the some,

Ok let me explain what I mean, for example I was nerd geek about the web in general and much other stuff and then I find her sharing with me some hobbies, Backpackerlampung is her website and I always trying to know more because I really begin doubting and asking my self every time : ” does shes really my geek girl one day omg I can’t believe ” hh funny right .

I remember that I look like a hacker to her, because every time if I wanted to know any virtual info about her I easily can get, she was shocking, how I can get that without she ever talk to me about.

Anyway, mybe this is was our very first words in trust, the trust that we will not gonna harm each other and allows as to thinking about promises in next articles, stay tuned!