Long Distance Relationship was my motivation

Long Distance Relationship

Long Distance Relationship was my motivation

Long distance relationship was my first motivation to escape from my stressed life. I spent most of my life study like anyone but I was thinking always to get lost somewhere, with whom? by my self, I don’t want!

I have been neglecting this idea for a long time I m not even go outside much for backpacking or camping outside because I just want to focus with my study, the study was very cool I get good grades and marks I finally get my Master degree I know many friends but I never wanted to have a girlfriend or even through if I try to have I never success or even though about family and kids anymore, but  I used to be nerd, I like internet so freaking much, it was my life that I spent in …

about seven years ago, when I was 17 I get to know an Indonesian Girl in social media I stayed with her about two years but in the end, the relation was broken down and I honestly I didn’t want to talk about this much, maybe because it was one of the biggest faults in my life …

but after a while , when I was surfing on VK  I suddenly get attracted by a very simple profile picture , I don’t know until now why I clicked on that one, not another why I get curious to read the profile history, at that time was just a short parts of story and statuses in the profile timeline.  I read it, I like it. I say to my self  just send a message to express my feeling no more so I remember I was sent like this :

long distance relationship

long distance relationship first message

only like this! I didn’t mean anything behind at that time I even m not put any pictures of mine or another side, I even I’m not sure if that profile gender lol but it seems to be the girl I just understand from her timeline story …


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