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How to extend 60-day visit visa in Jakarta?

In order to extend visit visa: The social visit visa has a duration of 60 days and can be extended for another 30 days up to 4 times, means a maximum of 180 days, about 6 months in total!
But in our case, Social visit Visa issued from your origin country before you arrive in Indonesia.

In general, the extent request must be from the same city where you get the letter of invitation or your address of living in Indonesia.
my case is different because of marriage purpose so she lives in Lampung but we are used to living in Jakarta so we already planned well enough, its mean we went to extend before the visa expires by couple weeks when extend time.

Anyway, to extend visit visa you have two possibilities: the first is to contact an agency, just google and you will find a lot. but the price most of the time is higher its about 50 USD. Surely too much for poor travelers people, and this is the cheapest maybe. But its hassle-free solution if you have money.

The second solution, for people who do not have much money, or don’t want to pay an exaggerated fee to the agency, is to do it yourself. The cost for the extension is 350,000 rupiah, 25 USD.

Here’s how:

First look for the immigration office‘s address in the city where you want to request an extension.
Just type “Kantor Imigrasi” and the city, for example, “Kantor Imigrasi Jakarta”, so to be sure there’s one. Basically, these are in every city.

so when we arrived there they are asking as to bring the next documents:

First, register in imigrasi Jakarta Barat website online on the computer there in the imigrasi office or you can visit this link ( IZIN TINGGAL ONLINE) and fill it and print it the document that you will receive in your email before you arrive at the imigrasi,

After that you should prepare the next documents, they are easy don’t worry they will not gonna ask you about money or interview or anything:

  • Surat sponsorship
  • Surat penjamin
  • Ktp = id (your sponsorship)
  • Passport
  • Register online from website immigration and Fill out the form, and you will receive the email after that

when you come there don’t be shy just ask if you need help and you will see directly a bunch of chairs in the waiting room just go straight to the window, don’t worry there’s no line most of the times, just stay cool and ask in the window that you wanna extend and give your prepared documents if not sure about the documents in your case you can come there first and ask what kind of documents that you need they will tell you and prepare again or back next day,
we suppose you prepare your documents some day and you give them your documents they will take your passport as well and give you a piece of paper and say to you back after three days most of the times back in order to take a photo and pay the 25$,
so after three days when you back to them again, they give u a small paper and they will say to you go and pay it outside near most of the time in the bank but in Jakarta Barat, there’s a small car outside near behind where if you ask they will show you where to pay.

Visit Visa extend Jakarta
Visit Visa extend Jakarta

After you pay and get a receipt back to the imigrasi office to take a photo and fingerprints, don’t worry all this process its take about half hour maximum.
after you pay and take a photo they will ask you back next days to take your visa.
pretty easy right.

please for any ambiguous question or any request do not hesitate we are here to help everyone, any recommendations also comment below or send us an email and call us anytime, you can check out this article about e-passport

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